Why Work with a Coach in the Collaborative Divorce Process? 

As you go through the difficult process of divorce, your Divorce Coach can help you:

  • Clarify your priorities and concerns in the midst of an often overwhelming and frustrating process
  • Deal with the intense emotions that typically accompany divorce and keep them from getting in the way of reaching your goals
  • Avoid the relational and financial costs of an adversarial divorce process while you work with a team of collaborative professionals
  • Stay focused on your goals and avoid being stuck in the past
  • Develop more effective, efficient communications skills with your former partner instead of repeating the same old unproductive patterns
  • Receive resources and referrals for needed services and information from knowledgeable professionals who care about your success
  • Learn problem-solving techniques and receive support for thinking “outside of the box”
  • Plan for your life beyond divorce and make positive changes


If you have children, coaching can also help you:

  • Maintain your vision for restructuring your family into a non-married family system
  • Identify and strengthen your parenting skills
  • Communicate appropriately with your child(ren) about your divorce
  • Help your child(ren) cope with confusion and changes related to your divorce
  • Work productively with your former partner for the benefit of your child(ren)

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