Role of the Financial Advisor in a Collaborative Divorce Process

Financial advisors have been trained in the Collaborative Process and function as an objective third party consultant to help resolve financial concerns arising from a separation.

  • The financial advisor may, depending on the issues and their qualifications:
  • Gather information pertaining to family finances.
  • Listen respectfully to the financial goals of the spouses and assist them to identify their goals and interests.
  • Provide neutral guidance and advice to both parties, or, with the consent of the other party, advise one spouse as a consultant, within the Collaborative Process.
  • Assist with immediate financial concerns as well as illuminate long-range financial planning concerns.
  • Assist with the preparation of budgets and money managements where appropriate.
  • Provide pension valuations.
  • Provide tax advice.
  • Provide recommendations on the allocation of financial resources.
  • Participate in collaborative team meetings to ensure financial concerns are clearly understood and considered.

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