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Why Choose Collaborative Process?

Divorce happens for so many reasons - the stories are all similar, but they are all so very different. Divorce can be the result of infidelity, or substance abuse, or domestic violence. Or maybe it happens after years of raising children together, and it seems there is nothing left in common when the kids are gone. Whatever it is that makes you consider divorce, it's important to understand the different ways to end a marriage.

Fresh Starts

Sometimes, we all find ourselves ready to try something new, to do something different. After years of shopping at the same store, you might decide to try a new place. After months of the same haircut, you go a little crazy and get a different style completely. After days of silence at home, you break it with an olive branch in the form of wine, cheese and crackers for your husband, along with some quiet talk laced generously with forgiveness and apology.

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