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Can Forgiveness Happen Without an Apology?

All of us have been hurt by someone at some time, intentionally or accidentally, and most likely, that someone apologized to us. But what if an apology never comes? What if you were so hurt - physically, mentally or emotionally - and you never hear, "I am sorry"? Then what? How is that to be handled? Is it best to hold on to the negative emotions and let them fester through more negativity and resentment?

The Storm of Anger versus the Calm of Forgiveness

Perhaps you find yourself in the eye of the storm. Your spouse has just dropped a bomb on you - he/she is not happy and wants a divorce. You may feel as though the earth is crumbling beneath you. Your head and heart may be swirling with emotions: fear, sadness and anger. It is important to feel your feelings and deal with them, but in a productive and safe manner. First, in order to do that you will need to get to a place of acceptance. This may take time - and may be something that takes a lot of work - but be honest with yourself. And be gentle with yourself.

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