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"I hired Mary Biacsi to represent me during divorce proceedings after firing my first lawyer, who was determined to make my divorce an angry, bitter affair. Mary and the entire staff at Zoller|Biacsi were fantastic to work with and they really understand the emotional aspect of family law as well as the legal aspect. I have no doubt that the amicable relationship I have with my ex is directly related to how smooth and non-contentious the entire process was, after Mary took the lead in the proceedings. Mary and I were casual acquaintances before she became my attorney... I now consider her to be a very dear friend, and I can think of no higher praise. I sincerely offer the highest recommendation."

~Peter B.

"Mary helps turn the table on negative reputations of divorce attorneys. Her calm manner and meticulous attention to detail was a blessing to me as I went through the arduous journey of my divorce proceedings. I strongly recommend Mary Biacsi and her firm and I am thankful to Jeff Nischwitz for introducing me to her."

~Shelley S.

"Mary has helped me through one of the most difficult times I have ever experienced thus far. She made clear to me my available options and thoroughly explained anything I did not understand. I felt confident with the advice Mary gave me. From my perspective, I wasn't just another client; her compassion and professionalism clearly was present in all aspects of her work. I would highly recommend Mary to anyone in need of legal counsel in her field of expertise."

~Steven M.

"John is an outstanding counselor and lawyer in Family Law and Litigation with an extensive legal background well beyond the narrow constraints of the Family Court and Family law profession which has served him and his clients well. I highly recommend John and his staff to anyone looking for a Family Lawyer with real experience who can provide guidance and preparation on the path to an end resolution and not a lawyer who will create more problems, fights, and costs to a client already experiencing a confusing and difficult process. I will be happy to provide examples of John's skills by way of discussion to anyone who wishes to contact me for further detail.

~Mark B.

"There is absolutely no question that the divorce process is one of the most painful things you may ever experience. John is able to help you effectively embrace the process and manage your way through it. He is completely honest and upfront about what the experience will be and how you can help yourself through it. He understands the high level of emotional involvement and energy that is required and prepares you for it. Not only is he objective, but he helps you to maintain your objectivity during the process and put each process and decision into context. His relationship with opposing council members and judiciary members is also the final demonstration of his skills and respect within the family law community."

~Jansen M.

"John handled my divorce and I was extremely pleased with his work and enjoyed working with the entire staff of Zoller| Biacsi. John is a thoughtful, diligent and highly skilled attorney who expertly guided me through this difficult process with great sensitivity, respect and good humor. I would highly recommend him."

~ John F.