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International family law matters are becoming more and more common given many couples enter into relationship with others from different countries and cultures. When issues arise dealing with international family legal matters, the law is extremely complex and requires the attention of an experienced and competent attorney.

At Zoller|Biacsi Co., LPA, we offer creative legal solutions for families of diverse citizenship and cultures. Our law firm is located in Cleveland, and serves the entire northeast Ohio region in family law matters, including international property issues, international child custody, abduction, wrongful removal and wrongful retention issues, child passport control, spousal support and visitation matters. In 1993, Attorneys John Zoller and Mary Biacsi began practicing together, and they both are Board Certified Specialists in Family Law by the Ohio State Bar Association.

We take a hands-on and collaborative approach when working with our clients. We believe in achieving solutions and results that meet the objectives of our clients. We promote open communication with our clients and diligently and directly work with our clients when handling their legal matters. You can always count on our legal team for committed, honest and innovative legal representation.

Asserting Your Rights and Protecting Your Interests — Cleveland International Divorce Lawyers

It can be confusing and stressful when dealing with family law matters that involve overseas issues. Since these matters are so complex, it is a smart idea to work with an experienced lawyer who has handled these complex legal matters in the past. At our firm, we have significant experience in international matters including:

  • Enforcing obligations, such as child support and spousal support
  • Child abduction, relocation, wrongful removal and retention matters
  • Federal court actions for return of children under the Hague Convention
  • Enforcing parental rights across borders, continents and oceans

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*Attorneys John Zoller and Mary Biacsi are Board Certified Specialists in Family Law by the Ohio State Bar Association