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Going through a major life change, such as a divorce, will affect the lives of you and your entire family.  Making decisions that will serve everyone involved now and in the future is paramount. A collaborative divorce is an alternate dispute resolution process that is non-adversarial and has the greatest likelihood of leading to a deep and lasting resolution with your former mate.

At Zoller|Biacsi Co., LPA, we can help you restructure your family utilizing the collaborative process. Our Cleveland, Ohio, law firm is committed to providing knowledgeable legal advice in family law that fit the needs of your particular situation. We partner with our clients in the divorce process so we can explore creative and innovative legal solutions that fully achieve their goals.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce is an alternate dispute resolution that is client centered. This process focuses on each parties interests rather than positions and serves their individual and unique needs (rather than an arbitrary court schedule). Collaborative divorce is often attractive to people who seek privacy and dignity and who recognize that delegating problem solving to a public official will not necessarily address their needs. This process is highly client-focused, unlike a courtroom where the process is centered in the attorney or a judge. Collaborative divorce is beneficial in many ways, including:

  • The process can move as quickly or slowly as you want: You are the motivator in the situation, and can take as much or minimal time as needed to reach an agreement.
  • Costs are determined by all of the participants: Agreements achieved through collaboration may be less costly from an emotional and financial standpoint.
  • Creative solutions can be achieved: You have more options through a collaborative process than you may have if the law is imposed upon you. You can come up with an agreement that is much more creative. You have options in determining elements of a divorce, such as child custody, child support and spousal support in a more flexible manner. You and your spouse can create an agreement that meets the particular needs and interests of your family.

At our law firm, answers to your questions and concerns will be returned in as prompt a manner as possible. It is our goal to help educate you about your responsibilities in the all alternative dispute processes. Client education is always our priority. Reaching an agreement leaves the decision making power directly in your hands — not the hands of a judge. The legal team at Zoller|Biacsi Co., LPA, is highly trained in collaborative divorce matters, and will help you reach your objectives.
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*Attorneys John Zoller and Mary Biacsi are Board Certified Specialists in Family Law by the Ohio State Bar Association