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When parents decide to separate or divorce, courts determine child custody and child support out comes if settlements are not reached. These determinations are critical, because it will affect your children in many ways. You want to make certain that your children's needs are met, and a lawyer at our firm can assist you with the legal procedures involved.

Zoller|Biacsi Co., LPA has been helping families in Cleveland, Ohio, and throughout the surrounding areas for more than 18 years. We handle a wide range of family law matters, including collaborative law, divorce, international divorce and custody, spousal support, child custody and visitation. Our team of experienced, competent and knowledgeable attorneys are fully committed to helping you achieve a resolution that is favorable to your family's interests.

How Does Child Support Affect My Family?

When parents make the decision to separate, the children's welfare is an imperative consideration. This can be determined through accurate calculations of child support and/or spousal support (alimony). We assist in determining child support, and also with child support enforcement matters. Our clients understand how and why support obligations are determined.

In order to paint an accurate picture for the future, it is critical that you partner with an attorney who understands how to evaluate the entire financial scope of your family's situation. We use our knowledge, resources and depth of experience to assist in determining child support that considers a diverse array of factors, including:

  • Daycare costs
  • Medical expenses
  • Special needs of the children
  • Education costs
  • Health insurance costs
  • Long distance visitation travel expenses
  • Parochial, private and post-secondary educational expenses

Modifying Child Support

Modifications to child support happen when a life-changing or significant financial event occurs. One of your children may have emancipated (gotten older) or one parent may have received a significant raise or relocated, which warrants a review of the support amount. If a modification is necessary or appropriate, it is a smart idea to work with a knowledgeable lawyer who is familiar with the techniques needed to accurately calculate a modification, as well as present the information to the court for approval. The Cleveland child support attorneys at Zoller|Biacsi Co., LPA, can assist you with a modification and are prepared to answer your questions and concerns. We are entirely committed to our clients' needs, and offer timely and effective legal solutions for your particular situation.

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*Attorneys John Zoller and Mary Biacsi are Board Certified Specialists in Family Law by the Ohio State Bar Association