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The lawyers of Zoller|Biacsi Co., LPA, have 44 years of combined experience in serving the needs of individuals and families throughout the northeast Ohio region in family law matters by providing competent, honest and creative legal solutions. Our firm directly approaches the issues, striving to provide the most effective legal services for our clients' needs. We represent clients in a variety of matters, including:

  • Divorce and legal separation: We represent men and women in divorce and legal separation, and offer committed personalized solutions that will address your needs and work toward minimizing the negative impact of a divorce.
  • Collaborative divorce: We represent individuals in collaborative law matters, in an alternative dispute resolution process. This process is often less destructive from a financial and emotional standpoint, and allows for more creativity in the parameters of forming agreements. Speak to a lawyer at our firm to find out more.
  • Complex divorce: Our firm represents families in complex divorces, involving issues with multiple state residencies, various trusts and small businesses. We have many professional resources available to us and identify effective solutions that meet the entire scope of your needs.
  • Complex marital estates: Our attorneys have experience representing individuals with complex marital estates, and will advocate for the full protection for your rights and assets. We provide representation and guidance on how to reconstruct an estate including 401(k) plans, deferred compensation plans, non-qualified employee benefit plans, trusts, commercial, industrial and vacation real estate and other assets.
  • International divorce and custody: We are experienced in representing family members with international divorce issues, enforcing visitation arrangements, international child abductions and more.
  • Spousal support and alimony: Our firm calculates and analyzes spousal maintenance and support (alimony) on a daily basis for our clients. We utilize sophisticated software to determine actual after tax values or cost of support. We prepare compelling arguments in support matters for both payors and recipients of alimony (spousal support)
  • Child custody and visitation: We assist in the divorce process in establishing custody, visitation and shared parenting (joint custody) plans that serve the best interests of your children maximize the strengths of each parent in a child's life. We also represent parents in post decree matters involving interference with visitation, contempt of court, enforcement and modification of custody matters.
  • Child support: Our law firm educates clients by conducting a full financial evaluation in connection with all statutory factors, accounting for all current and future expenses in the support analysis. We have experience in advocating child support deviation cases and over guideline (high income) cases.
  • Guardian ad Litem cases: We frequently represent children as Guardians ad Litem, advocating for their best interests in family law matters. Collectively, we have represented hundreds of children in their parents disputes.
  • Prenuptial agreements: We draft and review prenuptial, also known as ante-nuptial agreements on a regular basis.

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*Attorneys John Zoller and Mary Biacsi are Board Certified Specialists in Family Law by the Ohio State Bar Association