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What to Expect at the Final Dissolution Hearing

The dissolution hearing is the final step in the process of dissolving a marriage. Agreements have been reached through counsel or mediation, and the hearing simply puts the agreements into place, making them legally enforceable.  Prior to the hearing, you will have reviewed the Judgment Entry. This is the document that the Court will sign incorporating your agreements and adopting them as a court order. If there are children, both spouses will be required to attend a Parenting Seminar, and it must be attended prior to the hearing. If you receive a certificate of attendance, you will want to provide that to your attorney prior to the hearing so she can file it with the Court.

Moving Forward, One Step at a Time

In the wake of my son's graduation from high school, I have been pondering the last 13 years. When my son was 5 - in fact, right before he started kindergarten - his father told me he was unhappy in our marriage and wanted to leave. I can only describe my feelings as total and complete devastation. The word "divorce" was not actually used. I know now that he could not bring himself to say it - at least, not at first.

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