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It's not over, until it's over ...

Many recently divorced people become frustrated after their "final" hearing because their case still requires legal work. Every case is different. However, many cases resolve with the requirement that certain accounts are equalized as of a certain date. Collecting and exchanging statements or other account information can take some time. Reaching additional, post decree agreements about the settlement of those accounts can also take some time. The momentum for buttoning up these details is often lost once the Judge grants the divorce.

When You Just Can't Get What You Want

This blog is solely the opinion of the writer and not necessarily that of the staff or firm of Zoller Biacsi Co., LPA. 

Have you ever tried to make somebody do something?

My aunt, when my kids were really little, once told me, "Pick your battles." In other words, don't make everything into a fight. Choose that which is important enough to enforce, and then let other things slide.

Divorce: Litigation v. Collaborative Process

One of the toughest, and saddest, things to accept in any failed marriage is the culpability of both parties in the breakup of the family.

Our firm represents both men and women, Plaintiffs and Defendants, those who have cheated and those who have been cheated on. We represent people accused of alcoholism and drug abuse, and we represent the accusers. Always, always, there are two people involved who are hurt badly, no matter what side they are on. Sometimes, the need for revenge is so strong, it makes people do remarkable damage to each other, to themselves, to their children.

Brave New Hope

I have a blended family, my kids belong to two blended families, I know friends and acquaintances that have blended families, and I work with blended families each day.

It's a nice pretty-sounding word: BLENDED. All mushed up together, like a milkshake. Or maybe, a business-like blended, as in "integrated" or "merged." Or swirled beautifully, all united in movement.

IT Security in Family Law Matters

A contested family law matter brings about certain IT security risks that may not seem obvious now, but may present grave problems in the future if they are overlooked. As family law attorneys, our job is to alert our clients - and potential clients - to these risks. Consider the following suggestions: 

What to Expect at the Final Dissolution Hearing

The dissolution hearing is the final step in the process of dissolving a marriage. Agreements have been reached through counsel or mediation, and the hearing simply puts the agreements into place, making them legally enforceable.  Prior to the hearing, you will have reviewed the Judgment Entry. This is the document that the Court will sign incorporating your agreements and adopting them as a court order. If there are children, both spouses will be required to attend a Parenting Seminar, and it must be attended prior to the hearing. If you receive a certificate of attendance, you will want to provide that to your attorney prior to the hearing so she can file it with the Court.

Unresolved Grief

As the person who accepts most of our potential client initial calls, I can assure you that I have heard more sad stories than you could ever imagine.

I've had unwed fathers call about girlfriends who are scheduled for an abortion, and the fathers wonder if they have any rights to the unborn child.

When Parenting Comes Lately

Many divorcing parents are surprised to learn that their spouse, when faced with daily separation from the children, seems to suddenly take interest in mundane parenting tasks like filling prescriptions and attending regular dental checkups. Take, for example, this recent conversation between parents:

Joe: Are you changing the children's dentist? Why didn't you discuss this with me? You are making unilateral decisions without me!

Cindy: Joe, I told you about the appointment so that you could be there if you want to be. I'm not doing anything without you.

Fresh Starts

Sometimes, we all find ourselves ready to try something new, to do something different. After years of shopping at the same store, you might decide to try a new place. After months of the same haircut, you go a little crazy and get a different style completely. After days of silence at home, you break it with an olive branch in the form of wine, cheese and crackers for your husband, along with some quiet talk laced generously with forgiveness and apology.

Sometimes, our changes are wonderful and work out well! We love the new store, the new haircut, the mended relationship. Other times, not so much.

When Forgiveness Seems Impossible

So ... what is forgiveness? What is it not? What does it look like and feel like? How can you tell when forgiveness has happened?

I've experienced sublime forgiveness in my own life for my transgressions, but I've gone without it when the other party just could not forgive me. I know women who have forgiven the men who abused them, and those women are healthier and happier because of that forgiveness. I also know of couples who cannot seem to forgive each other for the damage both have inflicted on their marriages, and they are locked in battles over money or time or children. Their need to hurt each other in a revengeful manner results in destruction and even more pain.

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